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kaishan diesel screw air compressor
kaishan diesel screw air compressor
kaishan diesel screw air compressor
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Specification of

1. More beautiful appearance, superior anti-corrosion performance

2. Exhaust pipe is set in the tail position, more environmentally friendly

3. Part position and road system structure is more reasonable

4. Imports solenoid valve(advanced configuration)

5. Imported oil filter and customized oil and gas separator filter(Germany MANN)

6. Higher configuration of pipeline connection details parts. WHY CHOOSE US The most improtant parts of air compressor is the airend.Kaishan has set “Kaishan North American R&D Center”.in seatte American in 2009.sctrew air compressors are produced according to “research in American,made in China”.The SKY airend is designed by top globel screw machine design expert Dr Tang Yan and his group.

Kaishan air compressor’s rotor

direct driven, higher weight , large diameter , higher rotation efficiency


Kaishan rotor

Other air compressor’s rotor

Light weight,small diameter,low rotation efficiency.


Other rotor

5 years warranty Short warranty

The mian engine of the screw air compressor consists of rotor,cylinder,bearing and shaft seal.The efficiency of the screw air compressor depends on the rotor,also the life of the screw air compressor depends on the bearing and the shaft seal.Only Kaishan can produce a whole pedigree of rotor in the world and the diameter of 220kw rotor can reach 386cm.The bearing of screw air coompressor generally use SKF,and low speed,the bearing no extra force,the worklife of the screw air compressor will be longer.Kaishan compressor’s rotor is direct driven,no speed gear,lower speed,higher efficiency.So the worklife of Kaishan compressor is longer than other brand compressor.Kaishan compressor can continue to provide stable and efficient power for the mechanical equipment and support the equipment at g high speed and stability.

Heavy load EFI diesel engine

Kaishan KSCY series air compressors are Using well konw diesel engine such as Cumminsand Yuchai,which ensure superior performance and reliablity of the compressor.

Triple air filtration system

The patent maintenance-free centrifugal air pre-filter filter out more than 90% of the dust and impurities,make filter maintenance and change cycle prolong 5 times;whirlwind main air filter precision strainer filtering out of the dust,ensure there is no wear and no tear.The security filter can make the maintenance with the machine non-stop,to ensure the safe operation of the machine.Suitable for continuous operation under harsh conditions such as desert and mulit-dust.

Computer control system

Automatic protection in case of malfunction

- Engine oil pressure too low 

- Cooling water temperature too high

- Intercooler temperature too high

- Airend temperature too high

- Engine Cooling water level too low

- Fuel level too low

- Water in fuel pre filter

- Load control (v-belt break, alternator defect)

- Hardware errors


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