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Drilling Rig Kg520
Drilling Rig Kg520
Drilling Rig Kg520
Drilling Rig Kg520
Drilling Rig Kg520
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Specification of

KG520H enviroment protecting crawler drill rig used for quarry


Product Description


 Advantage of blasting hole drilling rig

1.Powerful rotating system

2.Stable travelling system 

3.famous diesel engine with emission standard national III

4.Blast hole machine

5.Rock hardness : f= 6-20

Usage of used crawler drill

DTH drilling rig for blast hole drilling ;

This machine for blast hole can used for Granite,Basalt ,Marble,Quartz or other rocks and stones.


Technical Details Of used crawler drill



Model KG520KG520H
Rock rigidityf=8-12f=8-12
Dia. Of Holeφ105-152mmφ105-152mm
Drilling depth25m25m
Rotation speed0-100RPM0-100RPM
Rotation torque3500N.m3500N.m
Lifting capacity25000N25000N
Feeding methodMotor-roller chainMotor-roller chain
Feeding distance4150mm4150mm
Traveling speed0-4KM/H0-4KM/H
Climb ability30°30°
Ground clearance440mm440mm
Total Weight6800KG7200KG
Dimension (mm)6800*2200*28506800*2250*2850
Sliding carriage pitch angleUp:50° Down:135°Up:50° Down:135°
Sliding carriage swing angleL.:50°      R.:50°L.:50°      R.:50°
Drill boom(arm) pitch angleUP:25°    DOWN:50°UP:25°    DOWN:50°
Drill boom(arm) swing angleL:45°     R:45° L:45°     R:45° 
Levelling angle of track±10°±10°
Carriage Compensation900mm900mm
PowerDiesel engine:4DKC4G3-100
(70KW 2200r/min)
Diesel engine:4DKC4G3-100
(70KW 2200r/min)
Drill rod specificationφ76/φ89*3000mmφ76/φ89*3000mm
Air consumption15-22m3/min15-22m3/min
Max.height of horizontal hole2850mm2850mm
Min. height of horizontal hole350mm350mm
Dust collectorNoYes
Suitable air compressorLGCY-19.5/19LGCY-19.5/19


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