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kaishan Air Dryer
kaishan Air Dryer
kaishan Air Dryer
kaishan Air Dryer
kaishan Air Dryer
kaishan Air Dryer
kaishan Air Dryer
kaishan Air Dryer
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Specification of


Specification Specification Specification Specification Model DR1NA DR2NA DR3NA DR6NA Air Capacity 1.2Nm3/min 2.4Nm3/min 3.8Nm3/min 6.5Nm3/min Inlet Temperature ≤80℃ ≤80℃ ≤80℃ ≤80℃ Cooling Method Air Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling Intake Pressure 0.4-1.3Mpa 0.4-1.3Mpa 0.4-1.3Mpa 0.4-1.3Mpa Pressure Due Point 2-10℃ 2-10℃ 2-10℃ 2-10℃ Power 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ Refrigera  ting Power 1.0HP 1.0HP 1.25HP 1.5HP Pressure Loss ≤0.03Mpa ≤0.03Mpa ≤0.03Mpa ≤0.03Mpa Total Power 0.91kw 0.94kw 1.15kw 1.44kw Refrigerant R134A R22 R22 R22 Air Connections ZG1 ZG1 ZG1.5 ZG1.5 Weight 48kg 78kg 105kg 125kg Dimension 630L*450W*640H(mm) 700L*450W*830H(mm) 850L*500W*920H(mm) 880L*550W*1020H(mm)  

The conditions of the qualified drying system

*Purge System Selection should be based on rated pressure of air compressor. Air Dryer’s Model Selection should be based air inlet temperature, rated air flow, rated pressure and ambient temperature.

*Air Dryer’s Type Selection should be based on the dryness, which relate to the discretion of dew point. Quantities of stages of air liters and type selection should be based on the discretion of oil content index and dustiness index.

*Pipes conguration and materials of pipes’ conrmation should be base on dew point, oil content and business index.

*Install the self-cleaning lter to protect the air compressor, assurance the purifying effect while working in the environment with large amount of dust.

*Compressed air purifying process is the process of drying and ltering meanwhile it is also a process of temperature decreasing. Temperature takes a key role during the process of purifying as inlet temperature and ambient temperature directly impact the effect of drying and purifying.

*Air receiver tank also is an important part of a whole compressed air system. Air receiver tank should be installed between air compressor and air dryer, air dryer and air consumption location because air receiver tank has the effect of stabilizing air, cooling dirty and air storage.

*System should add the waste oil collector, collecting the oil then drain out the water which reach environment requirement to the river.

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